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grandmother spider

Posted by spottedcheshire on 2007.10.12 at 17:24
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Hallo all (I believe this might be the first time I'm actually posting an entry of my own here...)

I was wondering if anyone might have any insight into Grandmother Spider/Arachne/etc. and Samhain. See, I have this banana spider that's been quite contentedly webbed beside my back door for almost the whole month. She's shed one skin that's stayed on her web, and I believe I've seen a male or two trying to get her attention. She's really beautiful. So, I was wondering if, well, anything jumps out at you or whatnot. I've this feeling that the spider is trying to tell me something but so far I've been too sense-dimmed to hear it. Fall is not my best time.

anyways, thanks for your (possible?) thoughts!

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Ego and Judging

Posted by vigdisdotter on 2006.10.02 at 11:55
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It came up again on one of my mailing lists.

This time it was over someone decrying another for daring to comment on what she saw as teens "playing" at wicca.  And it got me thinking about things.

Ego has a bad rap.  A seriously bad rap.  It is the psychological boggy-man that people point their fingers at when they don't like someones behavior.  And as such many espouse the "killing" of the ego.  BUt what IS Ego?  Siomply pout it's your sense of self and correspondingly your confindence in yourself and your ideas.  And yes it CAN be taken to far.  However just because some people do that doens't mean that all people will, nor that the ego is inherently a bad thing.  It is in fact a very necessary part of your psychological make up, because without it, we would just drift aimlessly, allowing others to dictate what we should be doing.  Having a strong ego is healthy.  Having a strong ego doens't mean you're and ego maniac.  In my experoinace it is someone with a WEAK ego (who is unsure of their own value) that is the ego maniac as they try to compensate for their own uncertianty.

Judging.  That's another concept that has a bad rap.  And for much the same reason.  People CAN take it to a negative extreme and it's not very fun to be on the receiving end of that ("You evil sinner!  You shall burn in HELL!!!!").  This is not, however, the only form of judging out there.  We, as humans, pass judgments on hundreds of things each day; from what clothes look best on us, to the counter person's attitude, to is it safe to cross the street or will that car hit me?  All judging is, is discernment based on personal experiences and understanding.  When we judge, we are filtering the ideas and situations through our own back ground.  This is why two different people can have very different opinions about the same event or person.

It should be noted that a judgment is in most cases and opinion and no opinion is above reproach.  The problem arises when one takes another to task for the "sin" of judging.  Because the first must themselves have judged the person's comment/position as wrong in order to comment on it.  Thus many fall into the trap of hypocrisy.

Like Ego, judging IS necessary for a healthy human psychological make up (lest you get run over by that on coming car as you try to cross the street).  The trick in both cases is to recognize it for what it is and to not get carried away with your own self-importance.  We should be taking advantage of these valuable tools in our quest for the understanding of self, not trying to squash them as bothersome and insignificant.

So go on, judge my post, filter it through your ego and let me know what you think :)


I live! And so does IS

Posted by vigdisdotter on 2006.09.07 at 16:49
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I'm resurrecting this forum.

I got a new job so I don't know how much time I'll have to posting here, but I'm going to give it a shot.

Anyhow, with the new job, I've found myself in a position I've never been in before: I'm hiding my altar.  See I've become a live-in nanny.  I have my own room which is my private space, as well as a common area that I share with the family or more specifically the 6 year old.  Now the mom is very Christian; references to god, saying grace over meals and so on.  No she doesn't know about my religious proclivities.  Thus, I have my altar all set up, but its living in my closet where it can be safely behind closed doors if needed.

Has anyone else been in such a situation?  And if so, how did it work out for you?

I don't feel that I'm somehow betraying my path by doing this, but I have become more keenly aware of my "witchyness" and how I present to the family.

redwood path 2
Posted by porknbeans on 2006.07.24 at 20:13
My husband and I got into a discussion about magic. He is a pragmatic person, and has trouble believing that, as he put it, "a series of actions (ie casting a spell) that you do can affect the way someone else acts, without any further interaction with that person". It must be said - he believes in the energy of the earth, of crystals, of the universe in general, he also believes that what you put out you get back, but he is not convinced a spell can be cast to manipulate those energies.

So I got to thinking about magic, the placebo effect, magical vs mundane actions, etc. And actually one question he posed really made me think: if you cast a friendship spell on someone, then backed it up with the mundane action of blowing spitballs at someone in class the next day, will she be your friend? Why or why not?

I'm unchanged in my view; that magic exists, that we can manipulate energy in the universe (as he put it).


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wee survey

Posted by porknbeans on 2006.07.19 at 11:20
I found this little survey (from here) fun to respond to, so I thought I'd repost it here and see your answers.

1. Do the God and Goddesses of Wicca actually exist?

2. If they actually exist, how do you know they exist?

3. If you're tradition contradicts the tradition of another Wiccan, can they both be objectively true?

4. How do you feel about believe in the religion to you desires? (edited to add:  I have no idea what she meant by this)

5. If you cater/ construct your religion according to our desires, then isn't it nothing more than your own invention?

6. Is Wicca able to be shown to be fasle or is  it all non-verifiable ideas?

7. If your spells and incantation produce results, how do you know that the power behind the results is good or not?

8. How do you know that there isn't something more sinister behind Wicca? (edited to change "is" to "isn't")

9. Why do you think that rituals dealing with candles, knives, and such are able to affect nature?

My answers are in a reply.

redwood path 2
Posted by porknbeans on 2006.07.14 at 12:56
And now, for a more serious question.

I've been reading What Witches Do, and it seems that Alexandrian Wicca has a very definite view on the Divine; most notably in the Charge of the Goddess and Charge of the God, they go with soft polytheism.

I have read elsewhere (on the PW forum, heh) that Wiccans are Wiccans because they experience the same things (there's a word for it and I just cannot find it via Google, forums, ect), not necessarily because they believe the same things. It seems that Alexandrian Wicca does have a few basic beliefs they all share.

This question is somewhat "who is right?" but also "what about those people who want to worship other/more gods/goddesses within Wicca?"

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Posted by porknbeans on 2006.07.13 at 20:33
I remember reading somewhere recently a book recommendation, stating it had a good overview of most (or at least a good chunk of) pagan paths. I remember thinking it *may* have been on Jet's Beginner's Book List.

And now I can't find where I read that.

Does anyone know what book it could be?

ETA: Eureka! I found the page I had been reading ( this article ) and the book recommendation was Margot Adler's Drawing Down the Moon.

Thanks to matrinka69 for her help yesterday.

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Posted by porknbeans on 2006.07.07 at 16:13
I've done a quick Google, and can't seem to find a definition to "sacred feminine" I can wrap my head around. Yes, I'm reading The Da Vinci Code.

Is it the notion of one Goddess, as in, all goddesses throughout all cultures are really aspects of the one Goddess? Or is it something else?

redwood path 2
Posted by porknbeans on 2006.06.26 at 09:28
I was reading in the Pagan Library an article on Ways of Making Magic by Janet and Stewart Farrar. It states there are eight ways of making magic, and you may use any of the eight to "produce more power". One of the eight is "Incense, Drugs, Wine, etc. Any potion which aids to release the Spirit."

When I've been drinking I'm capable of many flights of fancy, like thinking I can sing or dance well. This in no way makes it true. I guess what I'm saying (asking? debating?) is what is the difference between the perceptions you have after drinking during a ritual, and having a few at at the pub and making an ass of yourself on the dancefloor?


Inner Sprituality.

Posted by gessatrude on 2006.06.04 at 03:46
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Ok, for those of you that frequent PW on about, you've already seen this question...but I want to alter it a bit.  The original question was...

Many books reference this concept of there being a well of inner wisdom that becoming a 'better' or more powerful pagan is supposed to unlock. What sort of things can be found in the 'inner wisdom' or personal mysteries? Is unlocking or accessing this a goal of your path?—TF

So what i want to know...How do you describe your spirituality?  Do you think that it is completely external, that you get your information from your diety/ies, or do you think there is something inside of yourself that gives you some of the answers to the big questions in life, like where your place in the universe is really at and how you connect to that universe?  Do you count your intuition as part of your spiritual self?  If not, why and where do you think it comes from?

For those of you who want to see my response to the original question, I have the essay I wrote posted in my personal LJ, it was a bit long to post here.

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