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Ego and Judging

Posted by vigdisdotter on 2006.10.02 at 11:55
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It came up again on one of my mailing lists.

This time it was over someone decrying another for daring to comment on what she saw as teens "playing" at wicca.  And it got me thinking about things.

Ego has a bad rap.  A seriously bad rap.  It is the psychological boggy-man that people point their fingers at when they don't like someones behavior.  And as such many espouse the "killing" of the ego.  BUt what IS Ego?  Siomply pout it's your sense of self and correspondingly your confindence in yourself and your ideas.  And yes it CAN be taken to far.  However just because some people do that doens't mean that all people will, nor that the ego is inherently a bad thing.  It is in fact a very necessary part of your psychological make up, because without it, we would just drift aimlessly, allowing others to dictate what we should be doing.  Having a strong ego is healthy.  Having a strong ego doens't mean you're and ego maniac.  In my experoinace it is someone with a WEAK ego (who is unsure of their own value) that is the ego maniac as they try to compensate for their own uncertianty.

Judging.  That's another concept that has a bad rap.  And for much the same reason.  People CAN take it to a negative extreme and it's not very fun to be on the receiving end of that ("You evil sinner!  You shall burn in HELL!!!!").  This is not, however, the only form of judging out there.  We, as humans, pass judgments on hundreds of things each day; from what clothes look best on us, to the counter person's attitude, to is it safe to cross the street or will that car hit me?  All judging is, is discernment based on personal experiences and understanding.  When we judge, we are filtering the ideas and situations through our own back ground.  This is why two different people can have very different opinions about the same event or person.

It should be noted that a judgment is in most cases and opinion and no opinion is above reproach.  The problem arises when one takes another to task for the "sin" of judging.  Because the first must themselves have judged the person's comment/position as wrong in order to comment on it.  Thus many fall into the trap of hypocrisy.

Like Ego, judging IS necessary for a healthy human psychological make up (lest you get run over by that on coming car as you try to cross the street).  The trick in both cases is to recognize it for what it is and to not get carried away with your own self-importance.  We should be taking advantage of these valuable tools in our quest for the understanding of self, not trying to squash them as bothersome and insignificant.

So go on, judge my post, filter it through your ego and let me know what you think :)


the traveller
porknbeans at 2006-10-03 02:30 (UTC) (Link)
I judge your font too large, though I like the colors.

Ego is usually necessary; but what about all those Buddhists who suppress it?
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