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grandmother spider

Posted by spottedcheshire on 2007.10.12 at 17:24
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Hallo all (I believe this might be the first time I'm actually posting an entry of my own here...)

I was wondering if anyone might have any insight into Grandmother Spider/Arachne/etc. and Samhain. See, I have this banana spider that's been quite contentedly webbed beside my back door for almost the whole month. She's shed one skin that's stayed on her web, and I believe I've seen a male or two trying to get her attention. She's really beautiful. So, I was wondering if, well, anything jumps out at you or whatnot. I've this feeling that the spider is trying to tell me something but so far I've been too sense-dimmed to hear it. Fall is not my best time.

anyways, thanks for your (possible?) thoughts!

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