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wee survey

Posted by porknbeans on 2006.07.19 at 11:20


the traveller
porknbeans at 2006-07-19 04:23 (UTC) (Link)
I'm not a Wiccan, but it's something I'm interested in and reading about, so I'll take on your survey.

1. The Goddess and God exist.

2. I can only say they exist because I believe they do. If you're looking for scientific proof, look elsewhere. This is a religion, not a science class. Nobody can *proove* their deity exists, just as nobody can prove they don't (mostly because you can't prove a negative, but that's for another time).

3. Conflicting with another tradition - since they're both matters of faith, they can both be true. Truth is what we believe it is, at least in this point in time it is. I don't think we humans are evolved (enlightened?) enough to see The Truth as to what the gods and goddesses are, completely.

4. I don't understand this question, from a grammatical standpoint.

5. "Inventing" your own religion - most Wiccans don't do this, they belong to a faith called Wicca which they themselves didn't "make up". And what's wrong with inventing your own religion? For one thing, that's how some religions get started (and they all have to start somewhere) and for another, if you have personal contact with a deity, and a personal relationship with said deity, wouldn't it be wrong to ignore that and adhere to some other religion simply because someone *else* made it up?

6. All religion is non-verifiable. It's made up of someone's (or a lot of people's) personal experiences and beliefs. Again, it's not a scientific experiement you can re-create and therefore verify.

7. What does it matter of the power, or energy, is "good"? Energy is inherently moral-less. It cannot be defined as good or evil. Electricity can be used to power the defibulator that saves someone's life, and it can be used in the electric chair to kill someone. It can be used to boil water, killing bacteria and viruses and the like, but making the water clean so people can drink it. Is the electricity good or evil for doing this?

8. I'm going to assume you mean "how do you know there *isn't* something more sinister behind Wicca?" and your question had a typo. If you're talking about Wicca being evil in and of itself, no I don't believe there's sinister workings behind it. I think it's a morally decent religion, full of good ideas.

9. Rituals involving what some see to be harmless inanimate objects can influence nature. It's all about energy, which you cannot see with your eyes (usually). After all, a quartz crystal looks like a boring old rock, but it sends out a stream of electrons so steadily that people have been using quartz crystals to power clocks. Does your watch say "quartz" on the face? Absolutely I believe spells and rituals work, if done correctly.
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