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Intuitively Speaking

A Community for Pagans, Witches, Mystics, Shamans and Seekers

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This is an international community for the discussion of Magickal and Psychic practices, experiences, thoughts and ideas. One is free to talk about anything that falls under that heading, provided to basic manners are used.

Posters are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences, relate anecdotes, ask for or give Psychic or Divinatory readings and dream interpretations.

If this appeals to you, please come and join in the fun. Add to an existing discussion, or start a new one. Hope to see you around.

The Rules
1. Be hospitable to your fellow posters. Discuss the ideas presented, not the person behind them.

2. No Trolling.

3. No Spamming.

4. No Preaching.

5. Please use general netiquette.